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UX Design: Difference between copywriting and UX writing?

UX copywriting is becoming the new trend for apps and websites as it has proven its ability to greatly improve user experience and engagement. It is now a requirement to ensure an effective user interface. The UX writer creates each microcopy which will guide the user with words through an interface to provide a positive experience. This will include error pages, loading screens, buttons, etc. Here at Bonanza Design, UX copywriting is one of the mandatory skills that each UX designer shall possess. We believe that it is a designer’s responsibility since the quality of the words is as important as the quality of the visual design.In this article we will discuss the importance of UX copywriting and why it is preferred over copywriting alone. Also, what are the basic things you need to know to create good UX copywriting?


It is often tricky to distinguish UX copywriting from copywriting as their main output is words. UX copywriters work with the design and development teams to create a better user experience for existing users through the interfaces and codes. It should make the branded experience easier and enjoyable for users. A UX copywriter shall understand the psychological science in human-computer interaction and how modern apps are developed. They should be aware of the difference between the web and native apps. Copywriters often work with the marketing and business departments to promote the attractiveness of a product or service for new potential users. The goal is to connect and drive sales.A copywriter usually writes copy for print, social media ads, and web pages. They mostly focus on communicating the advantage of the product and attract the audience's attention. A copywriter may not be concerned about making the interfaces more usable and human while this is the primary concern of a UX writer.


UX writers have the difficult task of connecting directly to the audience with only simple intuitive words. They have to anticipate how the users will want to interact with the product. One slight error might affect the whole user journey and a great UX copy connects different parts of a product by telling a cohesive story that’s human, relatable, honest, and informative.A single change in the copy for the UI (user interface) might drastically improve or reduce engagement. That could translate into a loss/gain of millions of sales!



UX copywriting Be clear

Make sure your content is easy to understand and intuitive. Your goal is to guide your users in the simplest way that they will automatically find the information they need.


UX copywriting concise

Less is more. UX writing has an easy-to-use purpose requiring its writing to be direct to the point. One solid line delivers much better than 10 average lines. Remember that in UX copywriting, small things are the big things.


ux copywriting be consistent

Use the same terms throughout the interface to not lose the user. If you are referring to your users as “YOU”, use it for your entire content. UX writing is partly responsible for the fluidity of the interface as it should effectively combine context and brand voice. Want to learn more about how we do our UX copywriting and craft our microcopy? Check more on our websiteOur community is open to everyone and feel free to join and learn with us: Design Thinking and Innovation – Only Workshops