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Your typical scrum process is designed to deliver not discover!
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Your UX designers don’t have enough time to conduct research, create prototype, and test.
You don’t do enough iteration of your ideas.
You fall prey to build trap. You keep shipping features without knowing why and how it contributes to the growth of your business.
You think you’re agile but you’re running a waterfall in disguise. You cannot react to market changes fast enough.
You lack a proper design team. Often ask your lone designer to wear many hats. Results: mediocrity!

Weekly design sprints speed up dev process, enabling you to learn faster than competitors


In each weekly design sprint, we conduct

1. Research

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2. Two-hour ideation workshop

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3. Lean testing

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Weekly cycle of delivering designs that are pixel-perfect

1. Prototyping

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2. Design system creation

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3. High-fidelity design

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4. Product versioning

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Learn how ComX drove a 60% surge in user engagement

Building an effective in-house team comes at a high cost!

Surface cost
Design lead
Interface design
Subtotal cost
Internal design team
Product manager (€6000/mo)
Lead product designer (€8000/mo)
UI designer (€4000/mo)
UX researcher (€5000/mo)
Senior developer (€10000/mo)
€ 23 000/mo
Bonanza Studios
Fits your budget
Hidden cost
€ 35 000/mo
No hidden cost
Total cost
€ 58 000/mo
Fits your budget

Where does your investment go?

Account managers don’t create value for you. Innovation teams do!
Big agencies

Your investment

Sales, client management

UX Design

Weekly design sprint

Bonanza Studios

Your investment

Sales, client management

UX Design

Weekly design sprint

Let’s compare

Unlike other agencies, Bonanza Studios prioritizes delivering outcomes that boost revenue and lower costs.
Typical Agency
Project based

They give you an estimate and touch base with you along the path

Deliver outputs

You want an app design, they design an app

One function

They provide you with a UX designer because you want an app.

Roadmap driven

They offer a roadmap with an end date but do not enhance your design processes

Fractional Agency
Retainer based

They work with you on a daily basis

Mostly outputs

If experienced, they might question your need for an app design

One function

They rent out a UX designer to you

Work only within your process

When renting a UX designer, they may lack the seniority to guide your product design process, so the responsibility falls on you

Bonanza Studios
Retainer based

We work with you on a daily basis

Deliver outcomes

We question why you want an app & how it can help you drive growth

Multiple functions

We prioritize growth by assembling a team of UX designers, researchers, design leaders, and art directors

Methodology driven

We're a process-driven growth studio, working in weekly sprints, using lean and agile methodologies

They trust in us

I was honestly impressed by the speed and liability. Bonanza proved their deep understanding of the product by writing excellent product texts and providing a consistent site structure.

Lisa Kristina Meissner
CFO & Co-Founder at MERSOR

The workflow with Bonanza was very efficient. Their way to use Figma as the central resource platform for meetings and presentations and as playground for iterations is fantastic.

Felix Wolf
CMO at SimFin

Bonanza established an efficient workflow by collaborating with us through Figma. You can expect a highly skilled team of professionals who can deliver on their promises.

Stephan Schmolling
Managing Director at Veda

The team fostered a culture of rapid iteration and delivery, which not only streamlined the workflow but positively affected our internal processes as well.

Dom Starkey
CPTO at Dearest

Bonanza is a detail-oriented team. They take the time to understand our company and the needs of our customers to deliver tailored solutions that match both our vision and expectations.

Isabel Sañez
Director Products & Operations at Care with Care

Thanks to Bonanza Design's services, we were able to kick off our topic and take big conceptual steps in a shorter time period. The team's workflow is effective throughout the project.

Lucas Bauche
CPO at HQLabs

Targeting >20x YoY Growth?
You're in the right place

UI of Care with Care onboarding
Our work resulted in a 300% increase in new registrations for Care with Care
UI of Dearest onboarding
Dearest In three weeks, we envisioned and designed their application
checkout desktop design
Wefox's growth soared thanks to
utilization of online channels
sass dashboard mockup
awork rolled out a game changing collaboration feature

Driving growth by employing agile and lean methodologies, creative marketing, and weekly design sprints

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One-month money-back guarantee
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Flexible retainer contracts tailored to your ongoing needs
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Experience the flexibility of a minimum one-month contract
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Start one week after signing your contract
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